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Mar 29 2012

There’s nothing quite so lovely as being roused from slumber by Spring’s alarm clock:

  • 1 part cheerful birds, sweetly chirping
  • 1 part vibrant sun, warmly beaming
  • 1 part murderous chainsaw, gently droning
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Jan 26 2012

Call for Submissions: What’s Your Favorite Tumblr?


At, we’re working on a guide to the best Tumblrs out there. But we want to know what you think first.

What Tumblr can’t you live without? (Aside from ours, of course.) Whether it’s news, photography, design or just cat videos, we want to know what you follow — and why. 

Reply to this post (and include the URL) with your picks. We’ll mark popular suggestions as “Readers’ Choice” in our final list, which should come out by the end of January.

Perez Hamilton FTW!!

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Jan 04 2012

Top 27 Awesome Searches Which Led People to Perez Hamilton

According to Google Analytics people searching for the following terms were linked to our site:
  1. hooker
  2. indian hooker
  3. naked indians
  4. funny indians
  5. ugly indians
  6. juicy indians
  7. vampire boy
  8. 150 pound woman
  9. cute love quotes for him
  10. thank god for everything quotes
  11. heartless quotes tumblr
  12. cute dolls with big eyes
  13. indian uncle
  14. hawk nose
  15. beautiful paintings of indian women
  16. you’re under a rest [sic]
  17. biggest dog in the world
  18. slaves in love
  19. merry christmas pocahontas
  20. three men and a baby ghost
  21. naked town
  22. indian dinner party
  23. strict women
  24. you can run but you can’t hide
  25. bad girl island
  26. call an ambulance
  27. this sucks
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Dec 16 2011
This is sort of nuts, but I have your diploma from Lehigh University. A transient was selling a bunch of things from his shopping cart last night and a friend bought your diploma off of him for a few bucks because he liked the frame. I told him not to be a jerk and to try and contact you, so he gave it to me, and here we are!

Some Random Guy on Facebook

(I guess this is why you aren’t supposed to throw out your college diploma?)

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Nov 14 2011

Perez Hamilton

My girlfriend launched this ridiculous website which tells the narrative of American history through the horrible lens of Perez Hilton.  

If you have a minute, check it out!  Maybe even ‘like’ it if you’re into that kinda thing.


Oooh, Sir Walter Raleigh, why must you be so yummy??

We’d steer his ship any day of the week! LOL!!!

(Source: perez-hamilton)

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Sep 13 2011
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Aug 09 2011

Trail bunny

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View from the Verdugo Mountains

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Aug 07 2011

Quitting Sale!

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Jun 22 2011

Hello new job

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Goodbye old job

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May 27 2011

I’m not going to name names, but someone at the office thought it would be humorous to transform our earthquake preparedness instructions into the Human Centipede…

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May 16 2011

When this crow started milling about my office window last Friday I was pretty sure I’d been cursed.  Turns out he just left a piece of pizza up here.  That was a close one.

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May 02 2011

Only in Los Angeles

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